I just wanted to share something that happened to me over the last week and hope that it inspires you as much as it did me.

We have been looking for woodland venues, and trying to attract funding for start our projects. Unfortunately with the climate as it is this we have been met with rejection after rejection after rejection.

Why wasn’t I able to get the things we needed? why was the world suddenly against me? WHY MEEEEEEEEEE !!!!, Ok so that maybe a little bit melodramatic but like many people I found myself behind an emotional barricade of ‘NO’s. ‘ and rejection.

Yes there are loads of memes and business development books out there all telling to ’embrace the no to get closer to the yes’ but when you truly care about what you do and pour yourself into your course… i’m not sure how authentic that approach is.

After what seemed like a good month of stewing on the subject I found the words of one of my mentors in my mind. “to resect yourself is to ask for help” and it hit me, I had been so busy waiting for the planets to align to get the funding and venue that we so desperately needed for the project, that I had not actually asked my community for help.

so after a little time thinking on it, I did just that, I put out a message on facebook, not to land owners, not to various trusts… but out to the community asking for their help in finding a venue.

and I was so bowled over by the help and referrals that came from that one message.

It made me think of how many times in my life I had been so preoccupied on controlling the solution and being the one to carry the problem that I had forgot to ask those around me for help.

at times like these I would encourage all of you to respect yourself by asking for help from those around you…

stay safe and healthy out there, we will see you in the woods soon


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