A Stag Party for guys that don’t do Stag Parties

Can you survive your Stag?

Join our team in our Private Woodland and choose just 10 items for your survival kit to help you make fire, secure water and food, build a shelter, and find your way to a rescue location.

Don’t worry it’s not all mud and wood smoke, there will be plenty of banter along the way too, and full training is given during the experience. So no matter if you are a budding bear Grylls or have never been in the woods before, we are on hand to make sure you are safe whilst having a lot of fun.

We then finish the session off with an axe throwing and spear throwing competition.

We only ever run exclusive events, so you won’t be sharing with any other groups, and we don’t run ‘sausage factory’ events.

Our woodland is a short drive from Chester which has a great range of bars and clubs.

Common activities include

  • Fire lighting with a flint and steel
  • Lighting a fire by friction (the real way of lighting a fire by rubbing 2 sticks together)
  • Building a shelter
  • Campfire cooking
  • Natural Navigation
  • Preparing fish or rabbit (*optional and subject to availability)
  • Build camp gadgets
  • Make safe drinking water
  • Axe throwing

Package Costs

Our packages are exclusive and we only ever have one group on site at a time.

The Session lasts for 4 hours, usually from 1pm to 5pm or 2pm – 6pm. (allowing you plenty of time to hit the bars in Chester)

We have a minimum booking of 10 people and maximum of 20.

The cost is just £50.00 per person for the full 4 hour session with food and axe throwing included.

You will be given your own booking page to allow your party to book onto and pay for the event individually (anyone who has been a best man knows what a ball ache it is to gather all the money and booking forms in manually).

Contact us to make your booking