The Everyman Tribe, helps Men of any age to gain confidence, build resilience and move forward. 

What is a Tribe?

The Everyman Tribe is a Men only programme that is run in cycles of 8 sessions (once a week), over which time we will grow as a group and individually by learning ancestral skills, reflecting on and challenging ourselves… We will be learning skills that we can take with us to be stronger and more resilient, at home, work or whatever challenges face you next. 

It is open to men of all ages who live in the Cheshire West Area

We strongly believe that this ‘part time’ approach makes it much more accessible, allowing you to fit in some ‘me time in for yourself alongside your busy lives.

Popular Questions

I don’t have any outdoor skills, can I still join in?

Yes Absolutely! You don’t have to be Bear Grylls to join in. This is not a traditional bushcraft event, the aim is to spend time in nature together and learn from nature and each other.

Where do you meet?

We meet every week at our new venue just outside Ellesmere Port, with ample parking and good toilet facilities. we even have an indoor space that we can use if the weather really turns against us

What costs are involved?

This project is fully funded by the NHS GCC, it is of no cost to you. we understand that sometimes people can only make part of the course which is fine, but please tell us when booking.

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Running from 13th December