There are loads of recipes out there for nettle beer, this is a cheap recipe that only takes half an hour to make and two weeks brew…

Nettles are coming to the end of their season as a green now (July) But there are still enough time to get a harvest for your brew.

Ingredients found spring  & summer
Brewing Skill = Medium
Forage Skill = easy
Prep =  5mins Cook time 30min
Standing time 3 weeks
Makes: 4 – 5 Ltr

Gallon pan
Demijohn and airlock or fermentation vessel
Sterilising fluid or boiling water to clean
Large mixing spoon
Siv or strainer
1 carrier bag of Nettle tips
2 tbs honey ( or replace with 50g of sugar)
1 -2 thumb of ginger
300g brown sugar
1ltr of orange from contrate 
Ale yeast 

Time needed: 12 days.

  1. Boil The Nettles

    Fill the pot with around 3 – 4 ltr of water when boiling add the nettles, and sugar.  finely chop or grate the ginger and add to the mix

  2. Orange Juice and Honey

    Step two after around 10 mins of boiling add the orange juice and honey (for a stronger honey flavor add the honey at the end instead)

  3. Boil 10 -15 mins

    Boil for a further 10 – 15 min removing the scum from the top of the pan periodically 

  4. Prepair your Cooler

    In the meantime half fill your sink with cold water, when boiling is completed but the pan in the sink, the aim is to cool as quickly as possible

  5. Strain

    When the ‘wort’ is at room temperature, strain into a demijohn or other fermenting vessel and sprinkle the yeast on the surface of the brew
    (the mulched nettles are great for in the compost bin)

  6. Fermentation

    Fermentation should start in around 12 – 24 hours and take 4 – 6 days to complete (you see no more bubbles in the airlock)

  7. Bottle

    Decant the beer into strong bottles such as sterilised beer bottles or P.E.T pop bottles (they need to withstand pressure or you will get spectacular and somewhat messy results

  8. Priming Sugar

    Add 1 tsp of sugar to each 500ml bottle and seal, keep in a warm place for 2-4 days and then store in a cooler place until ready to drink