Chris Grice: Director

Chris has a head for business and a passion for nature.

Having run and grown a marketing company for 12 years his skill in strategy and business makes sure that our projects run smoothly.

He is a keen Bushcrafter and outdoor pursuits enthusiast, and is never happier than when he is exploring woodland, sleeping in a shelter made of sticks, or learning new ancestral skills.

He has been on his own journey of nature wellness taking him from overwhelm and stress, to a place where nature brings balance to his busy life. Chris has a lvl3 in Advanced Wilderness Therapeutic Approaches as well as being a lvl 3 forest school leader. he has also completed a level 2 in counselling skills. Which will allow him to help others to use nature as a mirror and benefit from the ‘wilderness’ as he has done.

Chris is a parent carer and along side his passion for the positive effects that the outdoors have on mental health, he is also passionate about the effects that nature has on those with additional needs and their carers.

In his spare time he enjoys:
Bushcraft, foraging, brewing beer and wine and growing his own food.

Luke Slater: Director

Luke is a training counsellor with a passion for psychology, therapy, nature and helping people heal and live their most authentic, best life.

Having worked in a number of sales and marketing jobs, Luke began to question his life’s purpose. With his values conflicting, he knew there was more to life than mere selling; he decided to embark on the journey of becoming a therapist. After rebuilding his relationship with nature, Luke was able to see the benefits of being in nature with true purpose and intention, just like our ancestors. From this realisation, Luke went on to study Wilderness Therapy and learn how to deliver Wilderness Therapeutic Interventions.

A keen outdoorsman and bushcraft practitioner, Luke is passionate about teaching people how to live harmoniously with nature and to connect with themselves. After all, we are a part of nature, not separate from. Luke is on a mission to help people rewild their mind and body.

In his spare time and when not in the woods or studying, Luke enjoys getting his fingers green in the garden and training in martial arts including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and kick-boxing.

Tom Hughes: Director

Tom has worked in the third sector for over 10 years and has experience of leading businesses, social enterprises and charities at both local and national levels. He has worked across a variety of senior roles over the years enabling organisations to best achieve their social mission.

Being outdoors and engaging in nature have always been important to Tom who loves gardening. Being in nature, learning new things and letting the mind just ‘be’ have been really important over the years and have helped him cope through some difficult times.  He believes we are hard-wired to let the mind switch off once in a while and that gardening is an excellent way of doing this.  During lockdown this became more apparent how essential it is for us to connect with the world outside and how beneficial this can be.

In essence Tom believes being outdoors and noticing things can be truly transformational – match that with learning new skills makes it really rewarding and beneficial for people.  The more we are in nature, the more we notice and learn about this powerful force which makes things move in cycles giving hope to people or just enabling people to focus on the everyday beauty around them.

Tom hopes that our projects will enable more people to connect with themselves, each other and nature and that we can make the post COVID world a better place to live in.

In his spare time Tom enjoys yoga, gardening, meditation, running, cycling and reading history books. He has a degree in Politics from the University of Liverpool.