Nature connection has become a bit of a buzz word in 2020, and it is clear that people are being drawn to their local green spaces and woodlands, just by the increased numbers of people I now see using popular nature spots at the weekend.

When taking my usual weekend ‘forest bathe’ in my local woodland one thing I had noticed was how many of the new faces seem stuck in the ‘here to their’ mentality of modern life. Often marching straight past many of the wonders that are on offer focused only on the path in front of them.

Comicaly, one walker was so focused on choosing the right filter for her social media shot of her being ‘outdoorsy’ that she didn’t even see me sat at the bottom of the tree she was leaning against the side of (it gave her quite a shock when I stood up and moved to another tree).

In this blog I share with you a really easy way to ‘shift gears’ when entering nature… this is a process known as ‘grounding’… enjoy!

Grounding Exercise for Beginners

Here is a simple exercise that you can do in your local woods or park to help you to slow down and get into ‘nature mode’.

1. If you feel comfortable doing so turn your Mobile phone off or to silent (not vibrate). This is almost a declaration to yourself that this is ‘your time’.

2 Find a Tree that stands out to you and take a moment to look at it from afar.

3. Move closer to the tree or sit under it and spend 3-5 mins looking up at the canopy in detail. Slow your breathing down and start to focus your thoughts on the things you didn’t see at a glance, a birds nest perhaps, a broken limb… some wildlife or fungi, a space in between the branches that was the exact shape of Africa? There is no right or wrong here the possibility is endless.

Focusing our mind to nature in this way starts to train our senses to look deeper at our surroundings as we did thousands (or even millions) of years ago as hunter gatherers.

You will find that you start to see things around you that you never even noticed before.

Let us know in the comments what you experienced.

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