October Update

October has rally seen the Wilderness tribe project come together, we have been working to regenerate local greenspace, planned out our first 3 projects (subject to funding) and even been in talks with not one but three fantastic venues to run our events in.

Theraputic Training takes Chris on a Personal Journey

Chris Completed the first week of his lvl3 in Avanced Wilderness Interventions. The traiing took me on a real journey, Robin and Bridget (the trainers) said that they wanted each and everyone of of to come out of the process as a different person, beyond what just the understanding that the course ould bring. I think i speak for everyone on the course when I way that each and everyone of us went on a personal journey of development.

the Video blelow gives you a feel for the first what chris got up to over the week.

” Bring on Week Two!! ”


We have been talking with various wooland managers about our project and have generated some real interest. we hope to give you an update really soon on this WATCH THIS SPACE

Backies Project

We have been making real progress with the backies area, alongside the ‘friends of the backies ‘ community group who have been working tirelessly to regenerate the Lache Backies as community gren space.

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