This is a really simple recipe that can be served as a starter, a tasty snack on movie night or a campfire treat under the stars.

Forage skill: easy
Cooking skill: easy
Prep time: 5mins 
Cook time: 10 mins
Makes: 10 – 15 bites
Small pan ( or camp mug) 
10 -15  dandelion flowers 
½ cup of Self raising flour 
½ cup of light beer ( or soda water) 
½ tsp  chilli powder 
oil for frying 

Step 1: mix the dry ingredients and the beer together, and mix until smooth 

Step2: heat ¼” of oil in a shallow pan. Test a little batter in the oil, if it sizzles instantly, it is ready 

Step 3: holding them at the stem, dip the flowers into the batter covering liberally 

Step 4: fry the flower head for a few seconds on each side, flipping once with a fork

Step 5: blot oil and serve with a fruity dip such as mango chutney

Top Tip:
These are best cooked individually, so to reduce wasted oil, try using a single egg pan or camp cup rather than a full sized frying pan.

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