Brambles are well known for their positive effects on the digestive system, in fact this was my very first encounter with foraging, when someone suggested bramble teas as a remedy for acid reflux. I tried it with some brambles in my garden and have never looked back.

I like to drink this in the afternoon and take a moment or two  to reflect on nature and what i am thankful for in life.  A moment of calm in a often hectic day

Ingredients found spring  & summer

Cooking Skill = easy
Forage Skill = easy
Prep = 2mins Cook = time 1 min
Makes: 1 cup


3 – 5 Bramble tips  
½ – 1 tsp Honey (ideally organic)



Step1: Put leaf tips in cup and add boiling water

Step 2
: Add  the honey and stir until dissolved, and enjoy… it really is that simple