When out in the woods or on a hike, keeping the weight of your pack down is an absolute must. This really simple recipe gives a around 400 kcal of chocolatey  protein infused greatness, it is really easy to make, and tastes just as good as those fancy hikers meals you can get.

Just the boost you need to keep you going when the days are getting colder

Ziplock bag 
3 tbsp of Instant hot chocolate powder
2 tbsp of ground almonds (almond flour)


Step 1

Measure out the dry ingredients into the ziplock bag and mix well 

Step 2 

When ready to eat on the trail… add around 3 tbsp of water into the bag and mix well by squishing it around. Then put the bag into a cup, or cut a corner off the bag and squeeze into your mouth. 

This can be made with cold or warm water 

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