Our woodland location is now fully operational!!
After almost a year of planning, pruning and risk assessing we are now ready to except groups into Our Woods.

Everyman Tribe…
We have had an increasing amount of requests regarding Men’s Mental Health projects. We currently have a list of interested people who would like to take part in a Men’s only programme focused on Better mental health and long term well being.

Other Projects we have been involved in…
Campfire Cymru
We are so please to have been working with Campfire Cymru to deliver family sessions in the Flintshire and Wrexham Area.

If you are not aware of the fantastic work they do, you can check them out at https://campfire.cymru/ .

We have delivered a course of outdoor therapeutic activity for the young carers, supported by Newcis. It has been a bit of a roller coaster to navigate lockdowns and school isolations but like everything, good things come to those who wait.

Woodland Classroom
Woodland classroom and his team where one of the organisations that introduced our Founder Chris to the Wilderness and it’s benefits, so we are super excited to be able to support them with one of their School events
they offer a fantastic Tree ID and wild edibles course you can check it out at www.woodlandclassroom.com

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