Transform your Team …
into a TRIBE

The team at Wilderness Tribe all come from a B2B background, where we have grown businesses, lead sales teams or been subject to ‘corporate culture’ and one thing that we all agree on, is that true self esteem, and a unified communication style take a lot more than simply having a day out of the office.

After winning multiple awards in our time for developing teams and creating highly functioning work places in our own businesses, ‘Team Tribe’ was born.

‘Team Tribe’ is a different approach to developing teams. rather than paying a small fortune to go to a hotel and take part in the same old activities and command tasks. we have developed an affordable subscription model specifically aimed at growing start-up’s and SME’s here is how it works.

1. we carry out a basic psychometric profile strengths and difficulties assessment on each member of staff (this is done on line)

2 We use that information along with a our understanding of what the businesses difficulties are, to build a programme around your business.

3. Each month your team will join us at our private woodland, where you will spend 3 hours growing as a tribe, by doing meaningful activity which addresses the challenges in your business, understanding out own communication ‘architypes’ and building resilience.

4. One of our facilitators will have a short check-in via phone or zoom to keep things moving forward until the next session.

All of this from just £350.00 per month

(yes that is for the group not per head )

we believe that building effective teams and having a great work live balance is not something just for the. Blue chip super companies

If you want better staff loyalty, and less ‘fire fighting’ within your business we would love to talk more with you.

And remember all profits go right back into our community projects

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