We have all seen video’s of that ripped business guy with a baseball cap on backwards telling us ” sup bro, if you give me just two minutes of your time i’ll show you my system of how to make a gazillion dollars a day with no work whatsoever…”.

Sadly this kind of nonsense has given some self development approaches a bad name, so here is my take on using visualisations for self development. (no baseball caps or flash sports cars involved) 

What is Visualisation?

Simply put, visualisation is the process of regularly visualising what you want your life to be or to have. The science behind it is that it sets these things into your reticular activating system, the part of the brain that brings it to the forefront of your mind. For example if you test drive a red car it is almost guaranteed that you will see red cars wherever you go for a couple of days after.

Business and life coaches use this method to create subconscious changes in habits and behaviour that will increase the likelihood of you meeting your goals.

My Experiance with Visulisation

First off, I am not a qualified coach, however having been a successful business person for 10 years I have undergone a lot of coaching programs in both a group and 1-2-1 environment.

Im not Pablo Escobar! so why would I want a mansion, a Yacht and a Jet?…

The Yacht Paradox

I think back to my first encounter of visualization exercises  back in 2011.  “first of all I want you all to think about what Car you want… does it have the leather seats, what engine does it have?”

“Now think about what Yacht you will will have”, he proclaimed… and the list went on, and on and on. At the time I was totally hooked in, but after 12 months of carrying out daily visualization exercises and having a fantastic vision board printed out on the finest quality foam board, I didn’t feel more empowered, or that the things on my board would ever be a reality.

Then it hit me, how can visualisation work if someone else is telling me what is important. I’m not Pablo Escobar so why would I want a mansion, a yacht and a jet?.  OK so i’m a Man and us men like our toys, but would a new car really motivate me to change my life habits or even get out of bed an hour sooner… no, not really.

The lightbulb moment

So after this revelation I went back to the drawing board. I spent time meditating on who I wanted to be and what I wanted out of my business and my life. Needless to say the new vision board was very different to the last, it contained the following:

A picture of my son’s last christmas play
It has always been important to me to go to my son’s assemblies and plays. “Never miss one” was the slogan under the picture.”

A picture of our family on holiday
“Memories are the best gift” it said

A picture of the woodland
“Less stress”

A picture of my wife
“Love, cherish, sickness, health, richer , poorer”

As you can see this was a far cry from the “stuff” that society had told me I needed.

But here is the Kicker
My businesses was making more profit than before, I was less stressed than before and and working less hours. I was focused on what was important to my sole and it was making a huge difference.

Even now when I go into the woods or take a walk at lunch time I take a little time to visualize who I am going to be and why.

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