Wilderness Therapy or Outdoor behavioral healthcare uses the wilderness or traditional woodland living skills to address a range of behavioral and mental health issues as well as wider sepessial educational needs, primaraly in at risk adolescents and young people.

If you want an indepth definition where outdoor interventions fit into healthcare you can find the report by the british society of lifestyle medicine here

Is Wilderness Theapy like a Military Bootcamp?

Wilderness Therapy is often challenging, but it is NOT a boot camp, there were some programs in the 80’s ands 90’s, mostly in the USA, that marketed themselves as wilderness thearapy but in fact ran programes of military style activities designed to install forcefull diapline. This generated a lot of bad publicity for the industry. True wilderness theapy programes are about taking the participents on a journey, using the natural environment as a mirror. and programs often involve a right of passage, depending on the focus of the programe many also include input from a qualified councelor.

Is Wilderness Therapy Just a fancy Phrase for Going Outside?

Any access to the outdoors is proven to have a great impact on well being and mental health, be that a walk in the woods, going to your local park or working on your garden, and I would encourage you to do any of those things.

Wilderness Therapy and nature therapy in general use this power of nature in a structured way mixing it with skillfull activity, mindfulness, group therapy, meditation and rituals in a structured way.

Is Wilderness Therapy residential?

Wildereness therapy can be residential or none residential, however as a general rule programes will take place over a number of days building up to some kind of conclusion. Even in an ongoing setting there would normally be an event or challenge to build up to, importantly it’s results should be messurable.

you can find out about our none residential programes here

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