Wilderness Tribe are now licensed through EQE Outdoors to deliver a Lvl 2 award. Which trains two of your school’s staff to run one of a range of therapeutic programmes, all with proven track records and outcomes.

What sets this training apart

  • LEVEL 2 AWARD: Wilderness Therapeutic Approaches – NCFE Accredited Qualification   
  • Explicitly Therapeutic
  • Sustainable ( We train you to run it as many times as you want )
  • Measurable Impact – Includes proven 4-Dimensions Impact Assessment Approach

Learning Units for the Level 2 Award

This LEVEL 2 AWARD is comprehensive in its content and experiential in its approach.

In terms of:

  • Outdoor Skills
  • Appropriate Activities
  • Structure of Therapeutic Interventions
  • Therapeutic Group Management Outdoors
  • Therapeutic Content and its Application
  • Impact Assessment and Reporting

High level training, run with your own children.  This is not just “outdoor activity for wellness”. All school-staff learners will receive training to typically achieve a very high working level and ability in order to confidently and competently, safely, and successfully run the Wilderness Therapeutic Intervention selected, ongoing and independently with school.

Which program suits your children?

Wild Crew

Age range: Yr 5 up to Young Adult (~24yrs)

This Programme Looks at:

“Who am I, now?  How did I get here?  What do others think about me?  What do I think about myself?  And if I keep going as I am, where will I go?  Do I want to go a different way?  What do I need to change or deal with, if I want to go a different way in life?”

WILD CREW™ provides you with a proven and effective outdoor therapeutic intervention, which is measurable in its impact, that can subsequently be delivered and adapted competently, confidently, and safely by our team and externally certified and qualified members of your school staff.

We start at the very beginning with a consultation with you and your team to explore and discuss the issues, needs and objectives for high functioning identified individuals and small groups – e.g. personal, social and emotional issues, confidence and wellbeing, often compounded by behaviours, SEBD/SEMH, ADHD, Autism/ASD, and other identified needs.

It uses a range of recognised and established therapeutic approaches, alongside Wilderness Theraputic approaches and Mentoring.  These are uniquely blended, using an established combined history of  professional expertise in therapy and therapeutic approaches with children and young people.

Using specific activities, expertly designed to run alongside professionally structured and guided discussion and reflection activities, blended with low-level therapeutic approaches, it enables the group members to be: more Self Aware; more Emotionally Intelligent and therefore more aligned in their behaviour; hence able to develop in the Six Pillars of True Self-Esteem; and to improve their lives now and also their future expectation as they progress to become adults.

Wild Tribe

Age range: Yr 3 – Yr4

This Programme Looks at:

Who am I..? What am I really like? How do I relate to other..? how do i relate and respect myself… my peers and the adults in my life

Wild Tribe™ consciously and directively explores and transfers social skills and responsibilities into all areas of children’s lives.  YEARS 3 and 4 / social, emotional or developmental ability – This outdoor, capacity building, therapeutic and developmental intervention is a small group programme for identified children who may be currently struggling socially and emotionally; or for those who may be presenting specific identified issues  – typically SEBD, ADHD, Autism, or other special needs and issues. 

Specifically designed to target the tricky middle-ground / ability of Years 3 and 4 – that are too old for Wild Things™ and too young for Wild Crew™.  It has been developed specifically in response to schools identifying the need for an intervention for Yr 3/4.

Different to Wild Things™?   Whereas Wild Things™ is about personal safety, security and self-confidence, and working at an unconscious level in young children, WILD TRIBE™ is more directive and conscious.  It examines self – who am I? – intrapersonal issues, and responsibilities to others – Interpersonal issues like respect for self, for others, and for the world beyond our own skin.

Different to Wild Crew™?   Whereas Wild Crew™ is about preparation of participants heading towards their future, exploring personal issues as these young people head towards adulthood, WILD TRIBE™ is about where we are right now, developing better self-knowledge, so that changes and firm intentions can be made, to transfer experiences and learning in the wild back into everyday parts of their lives – behaviours at home, and at school. 

Wild Things

theraputic programmes or yr 2

Age range: reception – Yr2

This Programme Looks at:

This capacity building early intervention for up to year 2 / ability is two-fold:  1. A small group intervention for targeted, identified children who may be struggling socially and emotionally, and 2. For half-class groups as a fun and developmental booster for all.  WILD THINGS™ is equally effective as an explicit therapeutic intervention for identified children; and as a preventative programme / development booster for all children. 

This is a FUN programme.  It taps into Wilderness Therapy, Developmental and Creative Approaches.  Uniquely combined with our expertise in therapeutic interventions, we explore 4 specific key developmental Behaviour Patterns or “Schemas” – these Schemas are identified by eQe’s professional therapists as being closely connected with social, emotional and behavioural development.  Participants experience safety, containment and belonging. They will learn to connect positively with others and will develop a sense of appropriate boundaries.  From these they will experience freedom to explore their environment, their peers, and themselves, and have their senses awakened using the rich WILD THINGS pedagogy. 

Specific physical and mental developmental processes will be exercised strongly in this programme.

WILD THINGS™ provides you with an effective outdoor therapeutic intervention and development booster programme, designed for this young age / ability level, that can subsequently be delivered and adapted competently, confidently, and safely by eQe-trained and externally certified and qualified members of your staff.

Your Investment

£2300 + VAT

This pays for:

  • “We come to you” Training
  • Whole-Staff Twilight seminar on Wilderness Therapy in Schools
  • Two school staff to be trained to run the selected Wilderness Therapeutic Intervention in one school term
  • A group of children to be taken through the selected Wilderness Therapeutic Intervention
  • Structure and content of the specific Intervention you have trained in
  • Weekly Session Planning
  • Professional Site Risk Assessment and core template for future use and adaptation by you
  • Weather and Welfare Assessment
  • Activity Risk Assessments
  • eQe Therapeutic Training White Papers and other learning materials, including eQe’s 4-Dimensions Impact Assessment Approach
  • Observation toolkit materials
  • Registration of the school staff Learners with the awarding body and external quality auditors
  • Qualification Certification from the external awarding body (NCFE / CACHE) on successful in the completion of the training (LEVEL 2 AWARD in Wilderness Therapeutic Approaches and Interventions)

Plus receive 10% discount on all of our other outdoor CPD and skills training Courses

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