Wilderness Tribe are committed to reintroducing the power of tribes into a busy, modern world.

Wilderness Tribe was born in 2020 from the idea that building tribes and communities in nature could have a positive impact on their modern lives.

Our Social Mission:

Our mission is to tackle Mental Health issues, social isolation and burnout, using the power of nature and proven solid therapeutic approaches which go hand in hand in delivering tangible and measurable results.

Our Commercial Offering

As a community interest company it is our long term goal that we are not dependent on grant funding to deliver our social mission, to make this a reality we deliver the following commercial products which are aligned with our social Mission.

Team Development / Employee Wellness

We strongly believe that true team building takes more than simply playing on a Segway for an afternoon, we have used our therapeutic approaches to create a program of ongoing and measured development you can find out more here

Workshops and Retreats

We supplement our social impact with skill workshops , professional ‘CPD’ days and paid for retreats.

Parties and Festivals