Wildcraft Adventue :

This is a Mincraft style party where children search the woods looking to resources, blocks and tokens that they can then trade in at the market place for items to get even more ‘xp’, such as den building kits, bug hunting sets and potion jars. 

Forest School Party:

This package brings the traditional forest school ethos to the party.
We will separate our woodland up into ‘zones’ with a range of outdoor activity to suit all ages, great if your party has a larger range of age groups

Survival Skills Party

Go Go Go!!!  This packages is one for the little adventures. Make a fire, filter water and make a shelter for you and your chums.

All sessions include a light lunch  usually hotdogs and smores or chocolate bannanas for pudding.
The survival skills party comes has genuine army rations instead if you wish (£1.00 per child subliment) 
And of course copious amounts of squash and hot chocolate for the kids and tee coffee for the grown ups 
Sessions are run at our private woodland just outside Mold.

What you will get:

2x trained facilitators (and another helper if needed) 
– online booking form / child info form.
– invite templates

The party will be for 2 hours 

the cost will be £250.00 for upto 24 children, extra children will be £10.00 each 
exclusive use ( we only ever host one party at a time )

This keeps it inline with the price of many basic centers,

We don’t have any hidden extras.
All you would need to bring is a birthday cake and part bags